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Through brand strategy and design, we craft experiences that
help brands stand out as well as stand for something.

We provide extensive services like Search Engine Optimization, E-mail marketing, online promotions & blogs as part of our advertising drive as they are the widest channel for communicating directly with consumers. E commerce precedes advertising & online marketing or in other words it is the end result converting lead generation to sales which includes online shopping, online banking, teleconferencing & e-tickets (online booking).
Product advertising
Product advertising is any method of communication for promotion of a product in an attempt to induce potential customers to purchase the product. It is more than just a commercial or an ad in a magazine. The general objective is to increase brand awareness or to demonstrate the differences between product and competing products in order to sell them. There are many different types of advertising, such as pioneering, competitive and comparative. Product advertising promotes the product or service to the target market by focusing on its benefits. Product advertising is the art of building and maintaining product awareness with potential buyers. We educate customers on why they need a product, its usage & advantages from using it.
Technopear Product advertising is done through many communication channels:
- Television
- Radio
- Print (newspapers and magazines)
- Mail

Social Media Marketing Services
Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, Twitter etc.(Daily Posting and updates). Every business requires 100% support of a reliable social services, as they are capable of generating sales, exposure and the opportunity to offer desired success rate.Our social media marketing services comprise:

Virtual Marketing
We drive traffic and expose brands online through virtual marketing which results in effective audience response on social media networks while cutting costs on office space & increasing flexibility.

Facebook Page Management
We manage Facebook pages for our clients targeting on the basis of specified age groups/ areas/ income groups/ shopping patterns which increases footfall on the websites too.

Twitter Account Management
We do this crucial task of handling Twitter accounts for our clients as mainstream audience is active on Twitter.

Improve Site Conversion
Compelling buttons, fast load times, seamless navigation, writing compelling, clickable PPC Ads, focusing on relevancy are some of the website conversion strategies we use.

Video Optimization
Video SEO (VSEO) results in higher Google ranking. We use powerful content, tagging and titles, closed-captioning & strong call-to-action to achieve the same.

Social Media Audit
We create a social media audit through spreadsheets, go on a search for your social presence on Google, evaluate social media profiles, make sure social media profiles are on a brand, centralize the ownership of your passwords, identify competitors, establish baselines, analyze audience engagement etc.

LinkedIn Profile Creation & Management
With appropriate profile keywords & SEO, profile pictures, headlines, summary & groups & associations to join & follow, we manage the LinkedIn portfolio of our clients with regular updates & postings.

YouTube Channel Creation & Management
We have YouTube channel manager for optimizing video titles, tags and descriptions for augmenting video potential. We update & manage playlists on regular basis and reply to viewers' comments so that they feel engaged and appreciated. It also harbors potential clients.

Searching for a trusted PPC advertising service provider from India! If yes, then Technopear is the right name to get PPC advertising services. We follow PPC advertising correctly, which has allowed us to earn 100% client satisfaction. Being a PPC advertising agency, we provide a broad range of PPC advertising services:
  • Improve ROI- We are strategic in our approach and use every tool to our clients' tactical advantage. Using exact keyword matches in some ads, targeted landing pages & running ads at the right time are some of the many techniques we use.
  • Campaign Report Management- As marketing specialist we know which campaigns impact the buying cycle the most. We nurture our campaigns to make them sales ready. Filtering mail sends, nurturing campaigns, webinars along with a data-driven approach to marketing, supported by heavy analysis and visual reporting helps us in determining the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • PPC Landing Page Creation- Our new tools aim at making landing page creation, management, and analysis easy and attainable for small businesses, busy advertisers and PPC agencies.
  • Better Leads & Sales- We give steady flow of good quality sales leads that lead to a regular stream of lucrative business and allow business owners to plan ahead with confidence.
  • Increased Paid Traffic- We optimize our sites for conversions such that the jump in traffic drives more customers and more sales. We run paid social media ad campaigns & use SEO to Increase online store’s discoverability.
  • Ad Campaign Set Up- We set up & manage AdWords judiciously as they are the best sources for new customers.
  • Creating Ad Copyright- We copyright ad campaign in any digital file format. We offer advertising creators instant international copyright protection.
  • Reduced CPC- Finding ways to lower the Cost Per Click (CPC) for the keywords of a campaign is a vital step in becoming competitive. We research on additional keyword variations, include long tail keywords, use different landing pages & go for lower bids etc. to lower CPC.
  • Bid Management- We coordinate tender submissions to have the best possible bid & keep streamlining them. We follow proper systems & processes for Bid Management.

E-Commerce Marketing (Flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Paytm, Amazon etc.)
We go for mobile optimized advertising, local branding & marketing, make it easy for customers to get what they want, generate more product reviews it increases e-commerce conversion rate, improve Ad spending, engage page visitors positively to boost E commerce marketing.

Display Advertising Services
We provide end to end solutions like audience segmentation, contextual targeting, geo-targeting, personalization, and site targeting for display advertising. We make banners, video, sidebars and display advertisements that appear on other websites. We build campaigns for optimization & execute it across all devices. Our display advertising services and solutions work across the customer journey from broad branding initiatives through direct response campaigns. We deliver optimum appropriate ads at the most economical rate.

Affiliate Marketing
Referrals from other websites with industry or product-focused content such as reviews, comparisons, and testimonials. Successful affiliates have a loyal following or receive traffic from some of the above channels. They typically receive a set commission of referred sales, often determined on a case-by-case basis.

Does your website lags way behind in pages of search engine results? Are you missing clicks from thousands of visitors/potential-customers every day? We guarantee page-1 rankings for at least 60% of your targeted audience.With 10 years of experience down the line; we have been rendering professional SEO services in India to offer website optimization to our huge client base across the world. We offer following SEO services:
  • Complete Website Analysis- We provide comprehensive data on all key metrics impacting Search Engine Optimization, Current ranking for targeted keywords, side by side comparison of competing websites etc.
  • Reputation Management- We do ORM for individuals, SME & companies by monitoring their references through Social Media & carefully crafted search queries.
  • Competitor Analysis- We identify current & potential future competitors through SWOT analysis, PEST analysis etc.
  • Improve Site Conversion- We experiment with layout, content, style and functionality on Landing Pages, focus on call to action, track multiple page elements & test the right visitors for optimum site conversion.
  • Amplify Brand Awareness- We create brand awareness through Social Media, E-Mail, Email signature, marketing material, Website, Increase your blogging frequency, improving metadata and SEO etc.
  • Offer High-quality Traffic- We use full page advertising technology to drive high-quality traffic to sites, this also aides in cost cutting on banners or text ads.
  • SEO Consultation- We provide tangible results and true ROI through our strong SEO consulting team who utilize organic search engine optimization tactics and take a website from a virtual unknown to page one ranking.
  • Improve Website Ranking- Through crisp descriptions, compelling, relevant Keywords and page topics, ALT Tags, Sitemaps, Mobile Site etc. We improve Google ranking.
  • Improve Page Prominence- We use Keyword Optimization, creating relevant content, quality links etc. for improving Page Prominence.

Email Marketing
Newsletters, abandoned cart notifications and remarketing all used emails to target past and potential customers.

Public Relation
PR is done through Blogging on WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Press Release, Newsletters etc.
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